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Research by K. Nicoll, PhD


June 2016

Air Quality Survey Kick-Off!

June 9, 2016 – We have started a survey about concerns related to environmental quality and air pollution!  We are currently petitioning for the Institutional Review Board for permission to collect data from the public.  Watch this space for more information!  Subscribe to our blog

This photo is a dust storm affecting the Great Basin Desert Region near Milford, Utah.  Photo by K. Nicoll, 2011

Featured post

Earthquake Preparedness

May 20, 2016 — Our paper about Earthquake preparedness in Salt Lake City is currently in Press! We will publish the URL for the paper ASAP.


We study dust, among other topics

Dr Kathleen Nicoll studies arid landscape surface processes.  A lot of her current work in in Great Basin Desert, which is the largest arid land in North America.

Her research areas in Africa include projects in the Eastern Sahara of Egypt.  In Southern Africa, she has published papers about the Cunene and the Namib.  Look for one about the Kalahari soon…

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